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Jun Baek

Emerging Artist
“Art is all about me.”
Art is all about me; In other words, It is all about others through me. I use myself as a representation that portrays ideas that can connect to others, similar to how actors act for individuals to deliver stories. 


The vulnerability I reveal in my artworks is how I approach viewers one step forward for them to come up two steps forward toward my piece. Layers of five hundred flyers of my posters displayed at ECUAD campus, "Submerging Artist," a Self-Portrait painting of the first day I came to Canada, "Robson Street," a collection of private photos from my gallery, "Invasion of Privacy," memories of my high school's demolish, "School Construction," etc., all of these pieces speak to me and others. 
Each individual possesses an unbelievable potential; therefore, I do not consider myself a particular type since categorization limits complete potential, whether as an artist or an individual. I challenge diverse genres depending on the concept by adapting, twisting, and breaking principles through mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, sound, performance and more. My focus is on conceptualizing specific ideas in the highest form. 
My name is Jun Baek. I am a third-year visual art student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, an emerging artist. 


Fine Art

Prodigy in Gangnam


BC Arts Council Scholarship


ECUAD Achievement Scholarship


Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Visual Arts major

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