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Jun Baek

“Art is all I've become.”

Do you truly know who you are? If so, count yourself fortunate, because I'm still navigating the path of self-discovery. As a twenty-year-old artist, I grapple with various challenges and trials in my artwork—some of which might seem trivial or insignificant to others. However, for me, each piece of art is a fierce contemplation of my own identity, a quest to understand who I am and who I aspire to become. 
The experience of depicting myself through art holds profound significance for me. It serves as a mirror reflecting my innermost thoughts, struggles, and aspirations. It's punctuated by numerous identity crises, each motivating as a pivotal moment in my growth. From immigrating to Canada from Korea to navigating the complexities of Canadian identity and grappling with questions of sexuality, alongside the challenges of living as an artist. I believe I'm not alone in facing these issues, which is why I'm open about sharing these concerns in my artwork. 
I see the boundless potential within every individual. Therefore, I resist being confined to a specific category, understanding that labels can limit one's full potential, both as an artist or as an individual. Instead, I am revel in versatility, exploring diverse genres, adapting, twisting, and sometimes breaking artistic principles across mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, sound, performance and beyond. My objective is to conceptualize specific ideas in their most refined and elevated form.
Greetings. My name is Jun Baek, an emerging artist. 

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